Taming the Wild Horse:

Riding the Energy of Emotions

with Artist Cynthia Moku, and Qigong Teacher, Eric Thompson

May 16–20, 2018

A residential retreat at Shambhala Mountain Center, Colorado

Intense emotions such as anger, jealousy and fear can either trap us in struggles or open us to the direct experience of awakening.  This retreat presents techniques to expose core belief structures that perpetuate emotional confusion, meditation practices that foster clarity and insight, and daily Hatha Yoga classes.  Revealing that even the most painful emotions offer us an opportunity to develop genuine compassion, these practices also give us a glimpse of the pure energy that is the essence of emotion.  Assisting will be artist Cynthia Moku, and Qigong teacher, Eric Thompson.

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Mindful Hiking: Weathering Life’s Storms

Kay Peterson and Jenny Bondurant

A residential retreat at Shambhala Mountain Center, Colorado

July 27–31, 2018


A passing rainstorm doesn’t have to ruin a hike if we remember to bring a raincoat or don’t mind temporarily getting a little wet! The clouds are certain to pass and we may even be left feeling stronger and more rejuvenated than we expected. Our emotional landscape is much like the weather – we may not be able to control it, but we do have power over our reactions to it. In this program we learn to ride the waves of intensity by tapping into the indestructible calm within. Join us for a weekend of meditation, mindful hiking, restorative yoga, and silence as well as group activities leaving you feeling refreshed and empowered for the weather ahead!

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